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Our Commitment

We pour 'skill' and 'heart' into every dish we make.

Currently, there are over 20,000 sushi restaurants in Japan, and if you consider the broader category of eateries,

there are an astonishing 700,000 establishments nationwide, and we are grateful that you chose our restaurant.

At Sushi Marufuku, we are committed to providing hospitality with attention to detail to meet the expectations of each of our customers.

"We want to bring smiles to our dear guests."

We cherish each encounter with our customers and strive daily to create an unforgettable experience that makes you want to revisit us.

Please enjoy our aged sushi, a product of countless hours and trials and errors, using unique drying and vacuum technology to maximize the potential of the ingredients.

With our sake expert's selected drinks, enjoyable conversations will further enrich your dining experience.

Please take your time and enjoy your gourmet moment at our restaurant.

  1. Sushi Marufuku

  2. Chef Yutaka Isayama

  3. Hostess Madoka Isayama